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1050 Design The Mega SVG Bundle T-shirt design
1050 Design The Mega SVG Bundle T-shirt design
by samsu Unlimited Downloads
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1050 Design The Mega SVG Bundle T-shirt design

1050 Design The Mega SVG Bundle T-shirt design

by samsu on May 18, 2023
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The Mega SVG Bundle

This bundle gathers 104 different quote bundles with more than 1050 individual quotes!
The designs come in different formats including SVG, DXF, EPS, and PNG. In this bundle, you can find a wide range of SVG quotes from kitchen sayings, newborn quotes to Summer quotes, and many more!

Summer SVG Design Bundle

You will receive a zip file with the following files:

✔ SVG can be used with: Cricut Design Space, and Silhouette Designer Edition, Make the Cut (MTC), Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL), and Brother Scan and Cut “Canvas” software.

✔ DXF can be used with: Silhouette Basic Edition.

✔ EPS can be used with: CorelDraw, Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator

✔ PNG is a photo file with a transparent background

**Separate SVG files for each design**


✔ Quality work, 100% vector file

✔ Every Vector Resizable | 300 DPI Resolution In CMYK Color Mode

✔ Easy to color change | Easy to resize

Summer Quotes SVG bundle includes:

– The Beach Is Calling And I Must Go
– Life Is Better At The Cabin
– Aloha Summer
– Seashells Are Love Letters In The Sand
– Beach Hair Don’t Care
– I’m In A Flip Flop State Of Mind
– It’s Summer Y’all
– The Lake Are Calling And I Must Go
– Nothing S’more Cuter Than Me
– Life Is Better On The Trails
– It’s Summertime And Living Is Easy
– It’s A Flip Flop Kinda Day
– All About Palm Trees And 80 Degrees
– Sea You At The Beach
– The Cabin Is Calling And I Must Go

– Autism is my super power
– Love needs no words
– I love someone with Autism
– Proud Autism mom
– Love needs no words
– I teach ausome kids
– Just different not less
– My sister is au-some
– Different is beautiful
– I am au-some
– Proud Autism dad
– Autism awareness
– My brother is au-some
– In a world where you can be anything be kind
– Autism is my super power
– Love needs no words
– I love someone with Autism
– Proud Autism mom
– Love needs no words
– I teach au-some kids

– I Love You A Sloth
– Gaming Is My Valentine
– Teach Love Inspire
– Love
– My Heart Belongs To Daddy
– You Have a Pizza My Heart
– Happy Valentines Day
– My 1st Valentine’s Day
– Love
– Love Vector
– Future Ladies Man Current Mama’s Boy
– Hugs And Kisses Love And Wishes
– Mommy Is My Valentine
– Xoxo Y’all
– Love
– Llama Love You Forever
– Single Taken Tacos
– Rawr Means i love You In Dinosaur
– Nacho Valentine
– My Cat Is My Valentine

– Hello I’m Here
– Two months
– Seven months
– One week
– Three months
– Eight Months
– Two week
– Four months
– Nine Months
– Three weeks
– Five months
– Ten months
– One year
– Six months
– One month

– Little miss lucky
– Little mister lucky
– The lucky one
– Go luck yourself
– I pinch back
– One lucky mama
– Simply lucky
– Have a lucky day
– Too cute to pinch
– Lucky charm
– Who needs luck when you’re this cute
– I’m a lucky mom
– I’m a lucky dad
– A wee bit Irish
– Happy st. patrick’s day
– Happy st. patrick’s day
– Eat. drink and be Irish
– Mr. pinch charming
– Shamrock cutie
– Who needs luck when you’ve got this much charm

– 100 days of making a difference
– I love my first graders
– I’ve been bringing sass to the class for 100 day
– 100 days of livin’ that kindergarten life
– 100 days of livin’ that kindergarten life
– Hip hip hooray it’s the 100 th day!
– 100 days of loving 1st grade
– Happy 100 days of school
– 100 days with my awesome class
– First day of school
– 100 days
– My class is full of sweethearts
– I survived 100 wild days of school
– 100 days of school
– My class just slayed the first 100 days
– Level 100 days of school
– My students are 100 days smarter
– 100 days flew by
– Celebrating 100 days of school
– 100 days brighter

– Once upon a dream
– And they lived happily ever after
– Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite
– A true love story never ends
– You and me
– We said the i dos now it’s time for the booze
– Choose a seat not a side
– A true love story never ends
– You have my whole heart for my whole life
– It was always you
– Pour the wine his last name is mine
– Husband and wife together for life
– The best things in life aren’t things
– To have and to hold
– Wifey status
– I can’t keep calm i’m getting married
– And the two shall become one
– The best is yet to come
– You and me
– And so the adventure begins

– Baby it’s cold outside
– I wasn’t made for winter
– Hello cold days
– Winter blessings
– Hello cold days
– Let’s get cozy
– Cold hands warm heart
– Hello winter
– Welcome winter
– Let it snow
– Hello winter
– Cutest little snowflake
– But first hot cocoa
– Wake me up when winter ends
– It’s the season to be cozy
– Snuggle weather
– Warm hugs & hot cocoa
– I wasn’t made for winter
– Hot cocoa & fuzzy socks
– Baby it’s cold outside

– My kids have paws
– All i need is my dog
– Fur mom
– Less people more dog
– Dog mom
– Dogs are my favorite people
– fur mama
– Blessed and dog obsessed
– All you need is love and a dog
– Life is better with a dog
– Dog mama
– Stay pawsitive
– I’d rather be with my dog
– Resume mama
– Best dog mom ever

– Plant Smiles Grow Love
– Keep Going Keep Growing
– Plant Seeds Of Kindness
– Gardeners Know All The Dirt
– You’re Never Too Old To Play In The Dirt
– Welcome To My Garden
– Gardening Is Dirt Cheap Therapy
– Free Weeds Pull Your Own
– Plant Seeds Of Kindness
– You’re Never Too Old To Play In The Dirt
– Seed Packet
– Potted Plant
– Watering Can
– Gardening Tool
– Wheelbarrow

– Step Aside Coffee This Is A Job For Alcohol
– I Kinda Don’t Care
– Sweet And Psycho
– Little Miss Sassy Pants
– Negative On The Patience Test
– All These Flavors And You Want To Be Salty
– Nope Not Today
– Hold Up Let Me Drink About That
– Sassy Since Birth
– Life Update Still A Mess
– Don’t Be A Karen
– Sorry Did I Rool My Eyes Out Loud?
– Why Limit Happy To One Hour?
– Selectively Social
– Not Today Karen
– Sorry I Tried Really Hard To Care This Time
– Benge Watching Is An Extreme Sport
– All My Pants Are Sassy
– Sassy Like My Mama
– Sassy Little Soul

– Suns out guns out
– Strong fearless beautiful
– Kinda wanna workout kinda wanna nap
– Things i like to lift weights farks
– Hustle hard pray harder
– Pilates i thought you said pie and lattes!
– Ugh
– Sorry i can’t run i’m a mermaid
– Lift like a girl
– Help me i’m sore

– Fresh And Local Sweet Honey Pure Organic Raw
– Oh Honey You Are Bee youtiful
– An Old Bear Lives Here With His Honey
– Show Me The Honey
– Welcome To Our Hive The Best Place To Bee
– Just Bee Kind
– She Works Hard For The Honey
– Bee Kind
– Welcome To Our Hive
– Just bee Kind
– Let It bee Happy
– Bee You Tiful
– Home Is Where Your Honey Is
– Cute As Can Bee
– Bee Kind Bee Strong
– Sweet As Can Bee
– Just Bee Yourself
– Work Hard & Stay Humble
– Queen Bee
– Always believe in Yourself

– America
– happy 4th of July
– America y’all
– all American stud
– that’s my lady
– home
– America
– happy 4th of July
– America y’all
– all American stud
– that’s my lady
– Flip Flop Fireworks and Freedom
– America
– happy 4th of July
– America y’all
– all American stud
– party in the USA
– friends family freedom
– America
– happy 4th of July

– Let me adjust my crown and get the day started
– Sorry i’m late i got here as soon as i wanted to
– Being an adult is like the dumbest thing i’ve ever done
– I am expensive all the time stop asking when i’m free
– I like my coffee how i like myself dark bitter and too hot for you
– I hate morning people or mornings or people
– I’m not lazy i refer to it as selective participation
– I was born to be wild but only until 9pm or so
– I looked up my symptoms turns out i just have kids
– My job is super top secret even i don’t know what i’m doing
– My life feels like a test i didn’t study for
– look like i may accidentally get drunk on purpose today
– Just because i am awake doesn’t mean i want to do thing
– Young at heart slightly older in other places
– I’m just a little ray of pitch black
– Proud Supporter of messy hair and sweatpants
– Don’t test me karen. I haven’t had my coffee yet
– You inspire my inner serial killer
– She believed she could but she couldn’t be bothered so she didn’t
– I hope karma slaps you in the face before i do

– Love my tribe
– Mom life
– because i said so #momlife
– Mother hustler
– Wife mom boss
– Chaos coordinator
– Messy and bun getting stuff done
– Mom of boys
– Glitter and dirt mom life be like
– Mom
– Moms are magical
– Mom of girl
– Super mom Super wife super tired
– Being a mom makes my life complete
– Mama blessed

1. I was normal a few kids ago
2. May your coffee be stronger than your toddler
3. Slay at home mom
4. Y’all realize i’m gonna snap one day right?
5. Surviving motherhood one meltdown at a time
6. I’ll have a double shot of whatever my kids are on
7. Mother of mayhem mayhem
8. Mama
9. Mama needs coffee
10. Mom fuel
11. Mama needs some wine
12. Mom hard wife hard work hard repeat
13. Mamacita needs a margarita
14. Some moms cuss too much -it’s me, i’m some moms
15. Mother hustler
16. Parenting: style survivalist
17. This is my circus these are my monkeys
18. Losing my mind one kid at a time
19. Just another manic mom-day
20. Meltdown manage

– Chaos coordinator #TEACHERLIFE
– Teach love inspire
– Inspire teach love
– May your coffee be stronger than your students
– You is broke you is tired you is a teacher
– Teacher (N) TEE-CHER: A multitasking educational rockstar who lives to inspire and love to encourage. They are kind of a big deal.
– I’m not bossy I’m the teacher
– Thou shall not try me teacher 24:7
– Things to do teach inspire drink all the coffee

– How Do I Take My Coffee Seriously Very Seriously
– More Espresso Less Depresso
– I Don’t Exercise It Makes My Coffee Spill
– Sleep Is A Symptom Of Caffeine Deprivation
– Mug Life
– I Will Start Working When My Coffee Does
– Its Too Early For You To Say Things
– Everything In Moderation Except Coffee
– Support Your Local Caffeine Dealers
– Coffee Before Chaos

– Your speed doesn’t matter forward is forward
– Turn i wish into i will
– Prove them wrong
– You only fail when you stop trying
– You are living your story
– Wish less work more
– I am working on myself for my self by my self
– Mistakes are proof that you are trying
– Strive for progress not perfection
– Don’t call it a dream call it a plan
– Inhale the future exhale the past
– Do all things with love
– Never give up on the things that makes you smile
– One day or day one you decide
– Be stronger than your excuses
– Broken crayons still color
– Say yes to new adventures
– Dreams don’t work unless you do
– Stay humble hustle hard
– I am doing this for me
– Make today ridiculously amazing
– Create the life you can’t wait to wake up to
– Don’t be afraid to dream big

– Basketball boy
– Basketball girl
– Basketball heart
– Basketball is my favorite season
– Basketball mom
– Game day
– I may be little but i’m his biggest fan
– I only raise ballers
– I’ll always be your biggest fan
– In love with the game
– Little sister biggest fan
– Loud and proud basketball mom
– Love
– My heart is on that court
– Peace love basketball

– Best Teacher Ever
– Sweet And Sassy
– Stop Dreaming Start Doing
– Hot Mess Express
– Cat Mom
– Love
– I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It
– Be Strong Than Your Excuses
– She Is Strong
– How About NO?
– Home Sweet Home
– Good Things Take Time
– Probably Late For Something
– To Teach Is To Love
– Hello Adventure
– Stay Focused And Never Give Up
– Teacher Squad
– #1 Mom
– Faith Over Fair
– Home

These designs can be used for many purposes such as but not limited to: monogram making, logo design, t-shirt design, sign making, card making, scrapbooking, vinyl decals and many more!





















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1050 Design The Mega SVG Bundle T-shirt design

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